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      He had hoped that she would have said: I should like you to come, and his face fell.

      There was no policeman there, and the groom was a long way behind, said Esmeralda. She looked thoughtful.[69] You said interfering, didnt you? Yes, I suppose that was what the lady thought; though if I hadnt interfered shed have got a nasty fall. She looked at me as if I werewella servant. She laughed. Shes prouder even than Barker.[333]

      So the days wore on, one day like another. No one could have been more devoted to her than he was. He seemed to study her every wish, and his attentions to her were rather those of a lover than a husband. He appeared to have no will but hers. The little household was eloquent in praise of him, and declared that they had never heard or read of any one so much in love with his wife as was the marquis.

      He stood looking at her, with knit brows.Then dont call me Miss Chetwynde, said Esmeralda.

      He made this remark at several houses at which he called, and at a great reception that night, and had the satisfaction of reaping the reward of his astuteness in the shape of a paragraph in the next mornings paper to the effect that the Duke and Duchess of Belfayre had started for Australia on important business connected with the vast estates which the duchess possessed there; and the society journals, making haste to copy, inferred that nearly all Australia belonged to her grace.This room seems hot, he said.


      Yet--"It is I who am going to have the hardest of it," said the diary a short hour after. "I've always thought that when the right one came I'd never give in the faintest bit till I had put him to every test and task and delay I could invent. And now I can't invent one! His face quenches doubt, and if he keeps on this way--Ah, Flora! is he anything to you? Every time he speaks my heart sees you. I see you now! And somehow--since Charlie's mishap--more yours than his if--"


      Norman understood, and pulled up. He saw Varley enter the hut, then he heard a sudden, hoarse cry. It was so terrible in its suddenness and depth that it sent his heart to his mouth. He dashed forward and met Varley staggering out of the hut, his face white as death, his hands clinched.The duke lay in a great bed with hangings of white velvet. The furniture of the room was whitea fancy of the old mans. She went softly up to the bed, and looked down on him. He lay sleeping as peacefully as a child, his face as placid as that of a marble mask. She could scarcely hear him breathe as she bent lower and lower until her lips touched the wrinkled forehead. As she kissed him, a tear, the existence of which she was ignorant, fell upon his face.


      It must be their fault, she said, na?vely.I rememberyes, he said. But was she startled?